Manufacturing at Revere

Revere began its “Lean” journey in the early 2000's.  The journey involved implementing a manufacturing system based on manufacturing principles that were developed by Toyota during their dramatic rise to automotive manufacturing prominence.  This system focuses on the relentless pursuit of the elimination of waste and continuous improvement to increase value to our customers.  We have re-designed our manufacturing processes and trained our employees  to incorporate “Lean” tools such as accelerated improvement workshops, 5s events, mistake-proofing, value stream map analysis, visual controls, “pull” metal flow systems and inventory control.  This effort has resulted in a measureable increase in the percentage of value-added tasks we perform.  Since this “Lean” journey never ends, we have created a fulltime team of “Lean Leaders” trained in the use of “Lean” tools.   As we rotate new employees through the “Lean” team we are guaranteed that the improvement efforts continue.

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