The Legend of the Midnight Rider

The Legend

The 16 minute film concerns the impact of copper on the environment and human health from mining through fabrication to its use in the market. The story is told against the background of an extreme snowboarding and skiing expedition in the mountains of Utah. It has found a high degree of use in classrooms ranging from science to civics. It has also proven to be useful for architects, city planners and mining and environmental impact consultants. The film answers a lot of questions that people have raised based on false preconceptions and non science about the impact of copper on the environment and on human health.

The film has been shown in over 2,000 schools worldwide. Lots of stories come out of something like this. A college teacher in Salt Lake City used it in a freshman creative writing class only to be informed by a student from Chicago that he had seen the film in a high school science class the year before.

In August of 2002, Brian and a friend rode their Harleys from the Atlantic to the Pacific on two lane scenic roads. The trip culminated in Seattle with a private tour of sculptures by Dale Chihuly at the artist's studio. Copies of the film were exchanged for videos of Dale Chihuly at work. A copy was given by the tour guide to the next guest on the private tour---Christy Whitman, then Administrator of the US EPA.