LEED Information

LEED version 4 and other groups will require additional information; Revere Copper Products Inc. is working in conjunction with the Copper Development Association and the International Copper Association to provide this information. It is our intention to provide enough data that clear choices can be made when selecting the raw materials to be used in architectural applications. Copper has been and will continue to be one of the most recycled materials in the building trade; with its extremely long life cycle we expect the data to show copper is a great choice for any building project. We anticipate having Life Cycle assessment, Environmental Product Declarations (EPD’s) and Health Product Declarations (HPD’s) in the near future. We will address various other requirements as they develop.


Our recycled content for bare Classic Copper is 90% or greater, links to downloadable PDF files providing additional details, as well as a short video showing our plant operations, are available on the Recycling Efforts page of our website.