Markets We Serve


Revere is the leading producer of Architectural Copper in the United States.  Our product offering includes Classic Copper in sheet, pan forming coils, flashing/valleys rolls, and gutter coil.  Revere has a line of specialty architectural products including Continental Bronze, Liberty Collection, and FreedomGray.  Please visit our Architect's Corner page for detailed information on all our product offerings & technical assistance.


Copper is an integral material used in the delivery of electrical power.  Revere provides strip, plate, bar, coil & extruded product to support the needs of the electrical market.

Air Conditioning:

Revere's proprietary process manufacturing copper fin has made us a key supplier in the domestic and international markets for the use of copper in HVAC units.


Revere supports the distribution and service center path to market and values its strategic importance in serving the end user. We are a proud member of the Copper and Brass Servicenter Association.


Copper has been shown to greatly reduce bio loads and provide many benifits to human health. We strongly support the efforts to use copper on touch surfaces, however Revere has elected to suspend our EPA registrations effective 1/1/2019.  To enhance your knowledge about Antimicrobial Copper, please visit