Copper Premium

11/13/18 Special Note to our Customers:  Effective with new orders 1/1/19, the COMEX SURCHARGE and the COPPER PREMIUM are being combined to one surcharge called the COPPER SURCHARGE.  There will be no change to the formula or how the values are calculated.  The two values will simply be combined to show as one line on your invoice rather than two separate lines, and will be updated monthly.  The monthly value will be posted here on our website. 

Fourth Quarter 2018*

The Fourth Quarter 2018 copper premium surcharge on all Sheet, Strip, Bar, and Plate products will increase to $0.0490/lb.

*10/1/2018: Per our previous notice on 7/2/2018, this surcharge is increasing from $0.0440/lb to $0.0490/lb.  This surcharge was last increased during the 3rd quarter 2013.   

The copper premium surcharge is tied to the copper content of the various products Revere produces. Revere continues to monitor published producer and spot market cathode as well as high grade scrap premiums and make appropriate announcements and revisions on a timely basis.

Revere Copper Products, Inc. - Copper Premium Surcharge:

Quarter Surcharge
1st 2017 $0.0440
2nd 2017 $0.0440
3rd 2017 $0.0440
4th 2017 $0.0440
1st 2018 $0.0440
2nd 2018 $0.0440
3rd 2018 $0.0440
4th 2018 $0.0490